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West Side Park


Dedication Ceremony
is set for September 6, 2008.

The two and half year journey to honor West Side Grounds Ballpark which was home to the Chicago Cubs from 1893 to 1915 is almost at an end. On June 6, The Way Out In Left Field Society submitted the final proof for the historical marker for West Side Grounds to the Illinois Historical Society. The proof, which has been approved by the Illinois Historical Society and the Illinois Medical District, was sent to the foundry and the marker is being constructed at this moment. The only thing left is the dedication ceremony.

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Left-field line: 340 ft.
Left-center: 441 ft.
Center: 560 ft.
Right-center: 435 ft.
Right-field line: 316 ft.

Seating Capacity 16,000

Record Setting Attendance: 665,325, (1908)

West Side Park was built next to the Neuropsychiatric Institute which was located behind the left field wall. The patients would yell and scream crazy things from the building creating the phrase, “That came out of left field.”

“Southpaw” is said to be a West Side Park term, because pitchers on the mound with arms at their sides would find their left hand facing toward Taylor Street to the south.)



West Side Park
We were not always Northsiders. We were also Westsiders, and yes, even Southsiders. In fact, the Cubs won 10 National League championships in places other than our current Northside home. Our Founding Fan Fathers cheered at the State Street Grounds at State and Cermak; at Union Base-Ball Grounds and South Side Park near Comiskey; and in what is now Grant Park at Lakefront Park.

The second West Side Park (also known as West Side Grounds) was the home field of the Cubs when the West Side Rooters Social Club began in 1908. The Rooters “tallyhoed” to this ballpark bordered by Taylor, Lincoln (now Wolcott), Polk and Wood for one season until Cubs president Charles W. Murphy ended the group. The site is now part of Cook County Hospital’s campus. West Side Map

The Rooters had long since been disbanded when we officially became Northsiders at the first Cubs game in Weeghman Park (now Wrigley Field) on April 20, 1916.
West Side Park