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Like this season, the Cubs and Sox were both in first place for much
of 1908.

“BE LOYAL TO CHICAGO” Comiskey Wants White Sox Rooters to Pull for Cubs.

1908 NEWS

The demonstration of the West Side Rooters’ association left no doubt that when it comes to a showdown this is all Chicago. The town is big enough to fall apart once in awhile in a little harmless rivalry, but it is always strong enough to get together again.

– The Chicago Tribune
February 20, 1908




The rivalry with the White Sox is over a century old. Back in 1908, it was a little more friendly than it is today. Did you know that White Sox owner Charles A. Comiskey was a Cubs season ticket holder? He actually toasted to the health of Cub Frank Chance at the White Sox Rooters Ball. In turn, Joe Tinker who was the only Cub present, bought drinks for 160 people and drank to Comiskey’s health. The drinks were reported to have been “lemonade.”
Comiskey's Season Ticket
Above: Charles A. Comiskey's Cubs Season Ticket

Charles A. Comiskey

“Comiskey has invited our club to attend his opening game and Murphy invited the club to see a game at the West Side Grounds as his guest. We plan to give a big ball and a picnic and excursion across the lake. We are gentlemen and intend to act as such.”
– Joe Tinker

Left: White Sox Owner,
Charles "The Old Roman" Comiskey

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