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The Cubs were in 3rd place in July and captuted the pennant in the last game of the regular season.

JUNE 1908
In June, the Cubs and Sox were both in first. The injury-plagued Cubs travelled on a 15-game road trip to the East Coast. At the end of the month the Cubs took 4 out of 5 from the Reds at home. The White Sox should beware of Hoo Doo!

June1 June 2

MAY 1908
Read about an interesting month including a wierd 10 inning game, rain delays, a conspiracy against Philly, fashionable obstacles, May standings and more!

1 6
2 8
3 5
10 4
9 7




The Cubs became the first team to record three consecutive World Series appearances and two consecutive World’s Series victories by beating the Detroit Tigers four games to one. In 1908, Chicago's West Side franchise was more than just a winning baseball team, they had just become sports first official "dynasty".

Game 1 in Detroit: Cubs 10 – Tigers 6, WP: Brown
Game 2 in Chicago: Cubs 6 – Tigers 1, WP: Overall
Game 3 in Chicago: Tigers 8 – Cubs 3, WP: Mullin
Game 4 in Detroit: Cubs 3 – Tigers 0, WP: Brown
Game 5 in Detroit: Cubs 2 – Tigers 0, WP: Overall